Tarik Houchar: Business Start Up to Scale

It’s no secret where and how Hijab House started, but almost 10 years on, owner and founder Tarik Houchar is still passionate about the business and continuous to grow this popular hijab fashion brand.

Muslimahs in Business Magazine editor Rehana Bibi spoke to Tarik just before the re-opening of the Greenacre boutique that was heavily damaged after a vehicle drove into it earlier this year.

Tarik talked about Hijab House’s early days, the recent accident, working in the hijab industry and his future plans.

Rehana Bibi: We all know that business is hard work; it’s not just fashion shoots and product launches, tell us what continue to inspire you in the hijab industry, almost 10 years on?

Tarik Houchar: The hijab industry is dynamic and fast changing. It’s probably also the most innovative industry in the fashion world – there is a lot going on ! Every day there are new ideas, new competitors, new products, even new needs! It’s changing at a rapid rate and this genuinely excites me and it makes me look forward to working on new things and seeing how well placed they would be in this ever-changing market ! I keep telling everybody that the hijab industry is a very lovely industry. It’s ethical and it’s filled with lots of lovely people with good intentions !

Rehana Bibi: What do you think has been the key factors in Hijab House becoming an international hijab fashion brand?

Tarik Houchar: Being a pioneer in the industry helps. We hear about something called ‘first mover advantage’ or ‘pioneering advantage’:  when you are the first to do something and it’s a good model – you are at an advantage for the duration of your business lifecycle. I think this really worked in our favour. We were the first to do so many things; the hijab walls, the introductions of shawls as hijabs. We were also the first to start the floral hijab trend and the online hijab business model. A lot of brands still don’t have this. Our online and retail shop were connected together. I think all these things really have kept the business sustainable and helped it to become the household name that it is today.

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