As with any business, starting your own as an entrepreneur can come with a lot of risks and elements of the unknown. In many instances owners in the earliest stages of their business can be very discouraged from pursuing their venture due to lack of support, knowledge and confidence. We, “Muslimahs in business” know this all too well as this is a huge factor that drove us to make the leap of faith and start our own venture, “The Muslimah Night Bazaar”.​

Since coming back to Islam in early adulthood, I began to get more involved in the community and slowly but surely started to see that there were so many sisters with and without businesses that were experiencing feelings of isolation, lack of a solid support network etc despite their efforts to benefit and serve the Muslim community through their products. As a result of this, I had the idea to launch the Bazaar, with the intention of supporting and extending the business reach of sisters within our community, particularly those who have smaller, home based businesses and less general exposure.

Throughout the years by the Mercy of Allah we have been successful in our goal alhamdulillah and continue to be an integral support for sisters in business. While our ultimate goal was and continues to be that of supporting businesses, another driving force in our establishment was the need for a Female only event where women were free to shop and socialise with friends as well as business owners, forming and strengthening unity.
We have had much success with this event in Brisbane for the past few years alhamdulillah and have had the privilege of supporting many sisters and their businesses during this time. This month we will be having our first ever Sydney bazaar and hope to insha Allah do the same for our sisters interstate.

“Muslimahs in Business” is ultimately a means for business owners to familiarise themselves with others in the community, to seek advice and encouragement from one another to help foster growth within sister run businesses.
We look forward to meeting you at the next bazaar! Insha Allah

~ Founder, Loriza XOX